B12 Injection Training information

Beauty course

B12 Injection Training information

This is a CPD (6 credits) accredited and certified course. On this course you will learn how to safely perform B12 Injections.



This course is suitable for both medics and non-medics, or level 3 in beauty as a minimum entry requirements, Vitamin B12 training course is designed to teach you the safe and effective administration of Vitamin B12. 

This training includes both theory and practical assessments.


What and how B12 works

Vitamin B12 is a man-made form of vitamin B12 known as Cyanocobalamin. Your body uses vitamin B-12 to make DNA, and protein, red blood cells, nerves. B12 also helps metabolise fat and carbohydrates. B12, vitamin is available from sources such as dairy, meat and fish. On this course you will learn both theory and practical aspects of B12 injections.

The benefits are: –

  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Improves fatigue
  • Improves wellbeing & protects the heart
  • Helps mood and depression


Entry Criteria:

  • Medical professional registered to a medical body (e.g NMC, GMC, GDC, GPhC etc.)
    • Level 3 NVQ in Beauty Therapy
    • 6 Months experience in advanced beauty treatment (e.g SPMU, Microblading, Micro needling) and A&P Level 3
    • 12 months experience in advanced beauty treatments (e.g SPMU, Microblading, Micro needling)
  • The minimum age for entry to the course is 18 years.


Learning Objectives and outcomes ?

  • Health & Safety
  • Needle stick injuries
  • Infection control
  • Accountability guidelines and requirements
  • B12 and autoimmune disorders
  • Causes of B12 deficiency
  • B12 injections and common side effects
  • Anaphylaxis Management
  • Side effects, contraindications, and precautions
  • The anatomy of injection site
  • Correct administration techniques for intramuscular, subcutaneous, and intranasal vaccination
  • Advice post injection
  • Legal requirements regarding consent, documentation and confidentiality
  • Prescribing Issues – Patient Specific Directions
  • Storage and handling of vaccine and correct waste disposal
  • Live Practical injection sessions
  • Competence: assessment, supervised practice and delegation
  • Legal, professional and indemnity requirements regarding administration


Assessment criteria: 

  • Pre study assignment and test
  • Practical assessment, consultation skills, management of treatment.
  • Interactive Q and A



Tower gate: Paul Ellis ( paul.ellis@towergate.co.uk)

Our Centre provides support after the course as well as during the Course. Dates are bespoke to suit your needs and requirements,

Discounts offered for being a Model

Duration – 1 day (10AM – 4PM)

Course cost £375